Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reap What You Sow

This Opus Dei Bishop was removed from his post by the Vatican.  He complained that it was a conspiracy by the other prelates and the Vatican to remove him.  This is interesting.  Opus Dei relied on the Vatican power so that Opus Die could go into a country/diocese and do what it wanted, saying the Vatican trumps local church authority.  Except there is a new sheriff in town.  That is, we have a new pope.  He does not seem to have the back of Opus Dei.  What goes around comes around.  I have seen this in Corporate life.  A climber hitches himself to some rising star in the organization.  As his mentor rises, so does he.  But when the CEO changes, and the mentor loses favor/job, so does the fellow who hitches himself to his mentor.  Priests sometimes do the same thing with bishops.  Bishops are not forever.  Only God power is forever.  I try daily to hitch myself to God.  I am certainly not the power.


  1. Good point. During the day when obedience was the top way to get to heaven, it seems odd now. Now we look for God, wait to hear from God and get rid of the mind clutter. Do I have this right ???

  2. Mind clutter does not sound good to me.