Saturday, October 4, 2014

Drinking and Cancer

It seems that one study purports to show a connection between college student binge drinking and cancer.  This seems to have gotten some student's attention.  At their age, they still think they have control over consequences from drinking.  They won' drive and drink for instance.  They will binge on weekends so as to not miss tests or necessary classes.  They will endure hangovers as part of the fun, the cost of getting wild.  Cancer they cannot control.  Even if you think you are bullet proof, you know that you cannot control cancer.  You might even give the big "C" a boost by unhealthy living.  Anyway, it makes some of these young people pause and think.  When consequences get scary enough, change has a bit more power.


  1. I think the "cure" for out of control drinking by young people has nothing to do with fear - I think it has to do with making sober living more fun and ego enhancing. Most young people drink because it lets them loosen up their fears and self consciousness. The problem is they don't have control enough to know when to stop. They think if a little makes me feel good, then a lot is going to make me feel better. Plus, I can blame any bad behavior on the booze.

  2. If they are budding alcoholics, it has everything to do with fear. Takes time to know, should they live long enough.

  3. Although I am not an alcoholic, I did a lot of binge drinking in college and socially for some periods of my life. As you said' it was "part of the fun". As I aged, I couldn't do it anymore and regretted being physically forced to be moderate. Now I am less social and very seldom touch the stuff. I never heard of a connection between binge drinking and cancer, but did have a cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and with hindsight would have moderated all along.