Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Caffeine Pants

I cannot believe this one.  You buy clothes, probably tights, that have caffeine as part of the cloth.  Wear them and lose cellulite.  Clothes have some other things but the caffeine caught my attention.  Why cannot you drink coffee and lose cellulite from the inside caffeine?  Anyway, I think the product failed to deliver sufficiently.  But people did buy it!  So I am thinking of going into my own business and sell clothes that have "grace" in the weave, in my advertising.  You no longer need to get grace on the inside by prayer, worship or any effort to be nice.  You just buy my clothes and you have grace!  Die in my clothes and you go to heaven for sure.  Get buried wearing grace!  Beats plenary indulgences.


  1. This is one out of your bag of Irish sense of humor. Very good. Do it.

  2. I will buy everything in your line.

  3. Sounds like you hit this one over the plate. Remember the pet rock!