Monday, December 29, 2014

Christ In Christmas

Even though the consumer frenzy tries to dismiss the religious message of Christmas, the spiritual, Christ, is still so central to shopping.  Say what?  Well, we would all feel pretty stupid if we just gave presents to one another on December 25 for no other reason then to do it.  This is why so many people will go to a church on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.  They are making sense of all the rest of their "holiday" activities.  All holidays have to be tied into some purpose beside being a day you don't have to go to work.  In that brief moment in a church filled with other searchers, and yes, we are all searching in one way or another, we clergy have a chance to assist God to "strike a person with wonder."  Not wondering what is going on, but the wonder of the spiritual in the human, our world being impregnated with mystery.  On the other hand, the clergy person can yell at people for not coming the rest of the year.  No one did that to you I hope!  Good grief, Charlie Brown.

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