Monday, December 22, 2014

Times Change

Some bishops think that the way to get more vocations is to go back to the old ways of education and dress code, liturgical and ordinary.  The dress code is obvious with seminarians in class wearing their clerics, of black suit with collar. Cassacks are back in style.  The education is equally retrograde.  It gives the seminarians lots of answers and then tells them to go out and tell the laity what to do and think.  It won't work in the post-modern world.  You can get away with that arrogance with my parents who merely finished public high school.  But today, Catholics are more educated, read more because there is so much more being published.  Priests now get dismissed as being naive, narrowly educated, unwilling to listen.  The laity think they have something to say.  My parents shut up and did what Father said.  The times they are a-changin.

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  1. The Church has shown that it does not always have the answers. That what is written is based on misinformation or on the misguided idea that we, the laity, cannot think and need to be taught exactly what to think ---as has been deemed by the bishops. Well, we can read the words of God and understand them or question them. Such is the way of today's world. However, that does not mean that we do not need to listen to you, Fr. Terry. Merry Christmas!!!!