Saturday, December 13, 2014

Country Dancing

I have always liked country dancing, including two stepping.  I thank God I was sent to Houston, Texas for my first couple of years of priesthood.  Rock and Roll dancing is not for old people.  It is done by the young and the old sit down, at least the old who are not in good shape.  Country dancing and the whole culture is family.  Everyone can dance.  Rock and Roll allowed youth to "rebel."  This was about separation from family rather than bonding.  Country culture is more close knit.  You do more things together.  Dancing and parties are an example.  Though I am a Yankee, I became a convert to Southern ways.  At least dancing Southern ways.  I have happy feet!

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  1. I think this goes with your laughing to bond post. You could go two stepping or line dancing if ice skating doesn't work out. Maybe you should lead a weekly country dance group - open to any and all - laughter, bonding, exercise -oh my . . .