Friday, December 5, 2014

Partial History

I think that my when my church teaches about its history, we ought to tell all of it and not just the parts to support the "fragile" faith of the student.  What happens when we skip over stuff that does not put us in a good light, is that later on others will tell us the missing truth, and the student will feel that what they originally heard was merely so much propaganda.  I see this on college campuses where students leave us when they hear another side of my church.  Were they brought up to think we were a perfect church, or at least better than brand X?  I suspect so.  Though I have found out in my adult reading about many unsavory things in my church history, I have not left.  I don't need perfection.  Why would a perfect group want me?  Or me them?  No, I want truth.  My faith will be fine.  It does not need to be coddled by a lot of nice pious stories, some of which in themselves might be not so factual.


  1. As usual - a great perspective. I remember a couple of years ago someone told me the "real" story about my patron saint and I was amazed that for 65+ years I didn't know the whole story. Still think my name is beautiful though.

  2. I have been wondering for a long while if I could be a Catholic and still not agree with many things that the church has done over the years. Thank you for letting me know that it is OK. I don't need perfection either. What I need is a way to God and much of the Church helps me to get there