Friday, December 26, 2014

Face Book

I found out that the Boulder church office decided that we could not access Facebook anymore because students were getting on it in class and not studying.  Well, lots of people read my blog from their facebook page.  My readership was cut in half, at least.  I realized that if many of my blog readers did not see me on facebook, they would not bother to look for my blog in any other place.  In other words, I am worth a listen if I happen to be where you are, be it in church on a Sunday or in Facebook.  But people won't go out of their way to find me.  In the world of brilliant, captivating, dynamic speakers, I am pretty low on the totem pole.  I accept this.  Time for the hermitage.  Maybe God wants me all for God's self, so God made me a bit above fair to good, but not much more.  There is always a light in the tunnel.  Do hermitages have wireless routers now?


  1. I don't like Facebook, so I am tempted to say 'good riddance'.

    Regarding people not going out of their way to find you, consider my story. I used to read you (and a huge bunch of other stuff) on Google Reader. It was so much stuff that I payed little attention to you. When Google discontinued Reader, I was angry. How could I manage to read all that stuff? Then, I went out of my way to find the things I really cared about, including your blog. Now I have just a small list (and shrinking) of things I read, and pay more attention to it. Now, it sounds silly to me that I was angry: it was good riddance, because I spent time with that stuff just because it was in front of me, not because I cared. Now I spend time only on what I care, so I am happier.

    In conclusion, yes, you may lose "audience", but your reduced one will be of increased "quality" (and not just because the "bad" will disappear, as my story above documents)

  2. You can run, but you cannot hide.