Monday, May 18, 2020

Corrupt And Inefficient

In my prejudiced fashion, I used to look at much of Africa and South America as full of corruption and inefficiency.  That is why they are such a mess and so little influence in the modern world.  We don’t think too much about the countries on these continents, and many of us could not say exactly where each country is without a map in front of us.  We in the USA are much more efficient and less corrupt, I used to say.  Then came the Coronavirus.  I am incredulous, humbled, and scandalized by what a mess we are making of this.  What makes us a great country is not how government works or not, but how individuals rise up and become of such incredible service on behalf of one another. No red tape and politics here.  On the larger level of government, we are inching toward the more inept and dysfunctional.  Proud and humbled.

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