Tuesday, May 26, 2020


I hear people saying the government should do this or that, or the government is not doing enough for them.  I wonder how many of these same people did not bother to vote in the last two elections for Senator, Congress persons and President?  Very few eligible people actually do vote in any election.  How many people who could be on the citizen trac did not bother because they are not here to become citizens, learn the English language or participate in civic life?  I do vote, even in those so called “off years.”  I think it a privilege and a duty no matter if my person wins or not.  And for those people who don’t participate in elections, maybe the government is doing a lot...for those who elected them.  I don’t know, but the government, local, state and federal is doing something even if it is not what the non-voter wants.  So, Covid or not, there is an election coming up in the Fall.  Just sayin’

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