Monday, June 6, 2011

Am I necessary?

One of the important reasons for a good family, community, faith sharing group, is that it gives me the sense that I am not alone. Loneliness comes from a sense of isolation. Isolation comes from not having a place where I can share something of myself that is below daily surface encounters. That is the way it seems to be for me.
When I miss someone it is because I find them be important in my knowing who I am. They listen and seem to understand or at least take me seriously. I suppose it the same when some one says that they miss me. It is the give and take. When I am self-absorbed, I am not in a listening mode. I may be funny, or entertaining, but that is just to shine a light on me.
No, a community is made up of listeners, of people who encourage one another to speak about themselves, their fears, hopes, sadnesses and joys. I hope that I can remember to say at least once a day in my ministry, "Well, tell me about yourself," or "How is your day really going?"

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  1. To me mind, the pervasive mass media discourages sharing feelings; everything is about information, communicated in short, declarative sentences, which shape our perception of how people are expected to communicate. If the message does not get across in 5 minutes, forget it. Makes it difficult to go deeper, other than with true friends -