Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Interrupted Life

Prayer interrupts my efforts in pursuit of power, control, bodily comforts and money. My time in the monastery each summer is a time to give myself over to the one on one relationship with God, and to put much else aside. The building is cold, the food is not very interesting, and the labor is difficult. It is overall an interruption of my worldly happiness as I tend to define such happiness. I don't even jog in the monastery.
I am not always in the mood to pray. A conscious decision to stop fussing about this and that, to let go of fantasy, and to open myself to the Holy Presence interrupts a self-centered life and begins again or picks up on the path of self-surrender.
On this feast day of The Holy Trinity, I recall that the Incarnation was an interrupted life of God from all Eternity up to that moment. The cross was an interruption in the healing and teaching life of Jesus. The Resurrection interrupted the devil's reign of death. An interrupted life is difficult at times but it really is the life to which I am called. How interrupted is your life?

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