Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jabba waits

When I would sit down to have something to eat at the dining room table, Jabba would come and sit next to my chair. She would look straight ahead, seeming to look at nothing. It was her way of being at doggie prayer and reminding me of prayer. She was clearing her mind, to be at peace, while she waited for a walk.
One form of prayer is the Jabba model. I sit down and wait on God, knowing that God is aware of my wants and needs. I trust things will work out. I don't busy my mind with worry or anxiety or looking into the future or dwelling on the past. I am present to God. I wait.
For Jabba, I am like God. I know she wants a walk, and if she is patient while I eat my lunch, then we will go out for our walk. I enjoy the walk too. I enjoy being with her. God enjoys being with me on the walk of life. The waiting is to teach me trust, patience, hope, and love. Jabba loved me in her own fashion. What more could a guy ask of a dog? What more could I ask of my God, than to walk in the Garden.

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