Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Gym

Prayer is exercise for the soul. I take time to go the the gym to exercise my body, to keep it in shape so that it will not fall apart, and will be able to function well. If I ignore physical exercise, in time bad things begin to happen.
My prayer space and time, is the gym for my soul. I go there to keep my soul in shape. If I ignore my soul-time prayer, then bad things will happen. The body, my outer attitude and action will mirror my out of shape soul. I will become irritable, displeased with how things are not going my way, whining, complaining and just all around unpleasant either in thought, or action.
When I give up my prayer gym for my physical exercise gym, saying, "I don't have time for both today" then I will end up with a very fit body that can do lots of unkind and uncaring things each day. My prayer gym has no dues or fees. It only costs a resetting of priorities. Those around me hope that I will go to the gym for my soul each day.

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