Friday, June 24, 2011

Sudden Death

It is thrilling when it happens in sports, but not so thrilling when it is your unexpected last breath. Sudden Death. This is how my dog Jabba died, and my friend Pat. It is a tough couple of months for me. What might these tragedies be telling me? Jabba was doing what gives her life, being free and chasing something. She died being Jabba. Pat was being a loving person to her family, doing what gave Pat life.
She was writing a letter to me on the day before she died. Not an email, twitter or Facebook quickie, but a letter, taking the time to say that I was worth her time. What if this is my last day? Have I learned nothing from Jabba and Pat? How am I living this day? Am I being who God made me to be? Am I doing what gives me life? Have I told anyone that they are important in my life? I think that I will write a letter today, with a stamp, that goes into a mailbox. Love is so much work when I am preoccupied with myself, and so much joy when I am being all that God made me to be. What gives you life, should this be for you the day of Sudden Death?

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