Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Persecutors

My mother taught me that when I get to near the end of some food item, I should put it onto the grocery list, so that we don't run out of that item. I do that to this day. But unfortunately I live in a world of people who do not recognize the existence of grocery lists. I live in a community of shared food. I share a box of cereal with other people. If I get near to where the box is almost empty, I put the item on the list. Other people just finish up the box and toss it away. How is the shopper to know we are out of this item? I go to get some cereal and there is none. "These people hate me!" I say. I feel persecuted. Yes, I am whining, but with cause, no? Why do I have to live with these people?
Then I recall the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus says to pray for those who persecute us. These anti-list people are really gifts in my life. They call me to prayer...after I have whined first. Well, the whining allows me to realize that I have faults too, and I need God's help. This is another reason for prayer. So now I live with more calm in my heart, though chaos reigns around me with the shopping list.

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