Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jabba Is Dead

I just found out that Jabba got loose outdoors on June 7 in Boulder and was killed by a car. It feels like a loss in the family. I miss her. That night I could not sleep. I felt restless. I did not yet know that she had died, but something deep inside me knew. I think that she is now at peace. I don't believe that a dog dies and that's it and nothing after for the dog. Something of her energy, her spirit continues. That is what reached out to me the night I could not sleep. A part of me was already mourning but not on a conscious level.
I think that she is at peace because my God loves dogs, and all animals. God is Love. Jabba loved as best she could. Her original owner had to give her up due to allergies in the owner's child, so I hear. Abandonment can mess with one's ability to love, but she was a loving dog nonetheless, at least I thought so.
Many a time I would leave my work at the office to go home, not to pray, but to see if Jabba might need a walk or some dinner. Jabba came before God. I guess I will burn for that, unless dogs can pray and Jabba can intercede for me. Maybe she has Doggie faith and we just don't know anything about that.
Jabba was very self-centered and in this she reminded me about myself. Her ways often made me reflect upon my own spiritual and psychological health. We lived together for five years. It was a good run.


  1. Fr. Terry, I'm so sorry you've lost your friend. I have no doubt that she came to you to say goodbye and to connect with you one more time. That shows that you were important to her. Like you, I believe that even animals have a spirit that is part of God's universe. Just because we don't fully understand something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    I don't think you're gonna burn for leaving work to check on Jabba. I'll bet God smiled as he watched you scurry home with love in your heart for one of his creatures. Why else would he have put the two of you together?

    Wishing you comfort and happy memories,

    Sean Kizhnerman

  2. Oh Father Terry, I am SO sorry to hear about Jabba. I know how much you loved her.

    "We who choose to surround ourselves with lives
    even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle; easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps,we would still live no other way.We cherish memory as the only
    certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan." — Irving Townsend

  3. Thanks Terry. My 1st visit to your blog. A blogging Paulist, this is very interesting.In a special place in India and for many around the globe, Wed.was "relationship day". It's apparent you and Jabba had a wonderful relationship. I am sorry for your loss. Receive updates about you via Contemplative Outreach. I am one of your fans from St.Ambrose centering prayer group.Our group has changed it's meeting time to @ 6:30,& we welcome men now as well.Yay! I never thought prayer had a gender anyway. Come&center with us when you are back in Boulder CO. A group of us will go to St.Malo Center next weekend for retreat with Fr.Bill Sheehan. Why don't you pile as many of the Snowmass family in the car and come join us? A bit late with our invite, I suppose.I am sorry you hurt your back. Another opportunity to let go & let God. Any progress with the Paulist Press and your book journey? I will pray for your healing. Hope to make it up that way this summer. Thank You for introducing me to Centering Prayer, life has never been the same. I sure enjoy reading your blogs, now that I know you are still active in cyberspace. Peace & Blessings, Kathleen K. Niwot,Co.

  4. I am so sorry and sad to hear about Jabba. I've read your postings about walking her and know she touched you. She was lucky to have you to care for her for those years!

  5. Father Terry, I am so sorry for the loss of your adorable dog. I have a shitzhu, Simba, and they are such loving amazing companions. My heart goes out to you. I lost two dogs in CA, Cody and Samantha, and I still miss them and love them and that was over ten years ago. I hope Jabba meets them in dog heaven. Lots of love, Joyce