Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Retreat

I just finished giving a retreat to a group of 37 people.  In listening to their feedback, I am coming to realize that my content will upset a pious person, but that person will remain pious, whereas, someone who is struggling with the institutional Catholic Church,  or who dropped out, or is on the outer edges of formal practice, will draw some hope from what I say. In a word, I won't drive anyone away from the Church, but I might be a small part of bringing someone back to the Church, or to Christ, or to a deeper spiritual life.  After all, I am a Paulist!


  1. Fr. Terry, We have been to your Saturday lectures and have followed your mass schedule for years and my family and I have always said that if it had not been for you, we would have lost our way a bit.
    God bless the Paulists! We have found it to be so.
    Thank you for throwing us the the blogs too.

  2. Ditto from another one just barely hanging on, only I wouldn't have just lost my way a bit, I would have dropped out compoetely. Thank you and God bless!.

  3. Fr. Terry,
    You have made all the difference and not in a small way.

  4. Fr. Terry,
    Here's another one of the less pious ones who is brought back to see the good in the Church through your works!

  5. I am sorry to hear that, but not surprised. I hope it was the minority rather than the majority. I thought the content was great and something that would be good for people of all denominations.