Monday, March 21, 2016

An Understanding

I met a person recently who had changed a lot, for the better.  I asked what had happened?  Seems she used to allow herself to be involved with men who she did not understand, much to her misery.  She found that out later.  She had no particular spiritual life or belief in any kind of a God.  Then she stumbled into an insight.  The insight was that she had been willing to enter into bad relationships with men she did not understand, so why not enter into a better relationship with a God she did not understand.  She says that now she has better conversations with The God she does not understand than the men she did not understand.  She has even begun to learn to listen.  She has discovered prayer and it has changed her life for the better.  So if you have good people in your life even if you don't understand them, why not have a God you don't understand?  Understanding is way overvalued.

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  1. You need to tell the new priest coming in that old people don't handle change well. If you go then I will have even less to connect to at the church. Being single and not socially connected .