Friday, March 4, 2016


When I am physically out of shape it is because I have not been exercising my body.  I have not been paying it any healthy attention.  I begin to ache, to "fall apart" or have problems because of this neglect.  What is the solution? Simple.  Exercise.  Pay it some healthy attention.  Is it not the same with relationships?  Why do we become distant from good and loving people in our lives?  Is it not because we fail to pay any attention to these relationships?  We do not call, write, or even text.  Relationships can suffer from lack of exercise, just like our bodies.  Now, I am not much for talking on the telephone, but there are other things I can do to exercise a relationship.  I can still write a letter.  I can do cursive handwriting, a dying skill.  And I can pray for people who are important to me.  This keeps a relationship alive and healthy too.  My blog is a way to keep in touch though many of my blog readers stay anonymous.    Yet, if there were no readers I would not be "exercising" a blog.  See, we help one another.  This makes for healthy relationships.  


  1. Another way is to thank someone for coming to Vero. Thank you.

  2. And thank you for sharing your time and energy when you are in Snowmass, on Retreat - you add a lot to the communities you touch!

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