Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chosen Few

Jews are often referred to as the "Chosen."  They would be the chosen few, since there are not many Jews in the world population.  Why did God choose them?  Who knows?  But there are other chosen few too.  If you get ebola and live, you are part of the chosen few.  Again, we are not sure why some survive and some don't, even with the same treatment.  A cancer that kills almost everyone who has it and you live?  You are the chosen few.  There is one group that is the chosen few, that are not so recognized.  They are the alcoholics who recover.  Only about 10% of all alcoholics ever get into a recovery program.  Most never make it to that point.  Of those who get into recovery, very few ever stay for the rest of their lives, alcohol free.  If you are one of them or know someone who is, you or they are the "chosen few."  Again, we are not quite sure why some make it and so many don't.  I suspect that contemplatives are the chosen few as well.  There are few who actually take up this prayer and persevere in it for life.  Just because no one else around you prays this way, does not make you odd.  Just "chosen."  Beware of the ego.  It loves to be special!

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  1. Very good - love to hear more. will try to contact you one of these days in a more meaningful way. thanks!