Sunday, March 20, 2016


I know people who are of one religion or another who follow the rules but are not very loving, kind or compassionate after they have kept the rule.  An example from my own religion:  The rule is that you go to mass on Sunday or else you sin and could burn for it.  So never die after skipping Sunday obligation without confessing.  There are some good historical reasons for this rule.  But here is what might happen and often does.  You go to mass.  The singing/choir/songs are dreadful/unsingable, the acoustics are bad, the preacher has a heavy foreign accent that you cannot fathom, and the heat/air is not on because of finances or someone forgets.  You come out of church, fulfilling your obligation, but in a very bad mood.  You are angry and unkind.  Everyone is a pain.  Acceptance is nowhere to be found.  Organized religion teaches unwittingly that obedience and love do not always go hand in hand.  When I am at the altar and pulpit I try to speak slowly, clearly, and loudly enough to be heard, given the acoustics, so as to lesson the pain in the pews.  Good Grief!

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