Thursday, March 17, 2016


Someone said, "Dare to be average."  There is wisdom in this saying.  Think how many times you enter into a bad mood because you did not feel you are not more perfect, or great or an "A" person in grades.  Average is the land of shame and guilt, the land of mediocrity.  Lots of labels here to make us feel miserable, no?  People are labeled average because they are seen as stupid, lazy, or just plan bad. So to embrace average is a daring act.  What might happen?  If you embrace it you might feel a new sense of peace.  It is OK to be you today, feeling average.  No one will be jealous of you.  People may find you more approachable and want to befriend you because you are not a threat to their daily struggles.  It is hard to be helpful to anyone if you are seen as superior to them.  You may have more experience in something, but you are not better than others.  The secret that many people keep to themselves is that they often feel average.  It bothers them.  We need clubs or associations of "The Average."  I always feel better about myself, and can even do better when I spend some time with average people trudging along toward happiness.  Together, we see the light and it is not always at the end of the tunnel.  In fellowship we can enter into the light.  Find a community of the average.

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  1. I am comfortable being "average". I often find myself "dumbing down" just to fit in. I think being a "middle child" has something to do with this.