Friday, March 18, 2016

Beyond Understanding

I hear people say that they have a God who they understand.  It is their personal God in whom they believe.  It may have little to do with any church theology.  It works for the person, this personal God.  So when I talk about contemplation, I am talking about a God beyond our understanding.  Dare to go there?  Don't worry.  You cannot go there on your own power.  In meditation, the God of your understanding can take you there, beyond or beneath understanding.  It takes a lot of courage and daring to be willing to let go of our God of our understanding, which is why few people ever enter in the contemplative stage.  So why do it?  The God of our understanding is wearing a mask, the one each of us gave to God.  It is a real God, but a masked one.  In contemplation, the mask comes off and you have no image to attach to.  You may even feel a sense of absence at times.  But ultimately, you will feel the intimacy of love beyond all understanding.  Would you find it fully satisfying to make love to someone who is wearing a mask?  OK, maybe occasionally.  But overall, no.  Dare to be open to the intimacy of divine love.  Don't worry,  The Lover will not take you there until you are ready.


  1. So you cannot travel to "beyond understanding" because of what it is: you must be taken there!?