Sunday, March 6, 2016

Conscious Contact

When a person loses conscious contact with the world around them, but is still functioning actively, it is called a "blackout."  When asleep you lose conscious contact, but you are lying down at rest.  A person in a blackout could be cooking, cleaning, walking about, or driving.  Yikes!!! Yes, driving.  So, blackouts are not good things for the person or the community in which they are functioning.  There can be spiritual blackouts too.  Did you ever do or say something, and then say to yourself or others, "What was I thinking?" or "Why did I do that?"  At this point bad behavior still bothers us.  We have not yet become chronically mean-spirited.  These spiritual mini mishaps can be solved by morning mediations, before we enter more fully into the day of activity and relationships.  They can be solved by an examination or inventory of our day before we go to bed at night.  Here we can reflect on mishaps and see how they came up, what was preceding them, where had we missed a chance to do better and so on.  This helps us for the next day.  Sometimes my blogs have a spiritual blackout.  I will look at one, a day or two later, and say, "Boy, that was dumb," or "What was I thinking?"  I lose readers that way.  You can be a tough group!

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  1. Yes, I suppose we are. But we keep reading your thoughts, so to speak. So keep writing it has become a part of my day and a lead in to meditation.