Monday, April 11, 2016


When the bible made the biggest change in my life, I was reading it without anyone telling me what it said, or said to them.  I did not consult scripture commentary or scholars.  All you get from that is a lot of information, but your life does not change for the better.  You don't become a better follower of Jesus because you know more stuff.  At least not for me.  I decided back in 1971 to read the bible and see what it said to me.  What did it mean to me.  If I did not understand something or found a piece that was uninteresting, I just moved on to the next part.  I am not on anyone else's spiritual journey.  I am on mine.  What a book means to them is there journey.  If something like the bible is going to make a difference in your life try not to keep it on the level of a class course or book club.  I know very little "stuff" about the bible.  But what I do know makes a difference in my life.


  1. Back in high school (pre Vatican II) a nun told my class something like this: "You can read the Bible if you feel you must, girls. But DO NOT TRY to interpret it. Only a priest can do that for you." We've come a long way baby.

  2. This perfectly articulates a vague feeling I've had. I tend to treat scripture like a graduate student--but all my most important thoughts have come in more relaxed readings that give new meaning to whatever's happening in my life. Those moments are worth 1000 little facts.