Thursday, April 14, 2016


The "Eleventh Hour" song as they say in show biz, because it comes near the end of the play at night, is a theme for the musical, "Wicked." "Because I knew you, I have become good," is the focus of this show stopper ending song.  The two witches, come to realize that they are better persons because they knew one another and became friends.  Along the way they were rivals, had issues with one another and did not like one another at times.  But in the end they realized what a gift the other was.  A witch, even a green one, is beautiful, depending on how you look at her.  I call my big sister Maureen a witch, but I mean that in the best sense as brought out in this play, "Wicked."  Because I knew her, I am a better person.  I am not a better person because I know God, but because Maureen revealed God to me through herself, in all her greenness.  Or was that meanness?  Oh, I can still be a bit bad.  But I hope that a few people are good because they knew me.  That is a successful life.  Maureen lived it.  I am a witness.

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