Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rita Antoinette Rizzo

Mother Angelica has passed away.  She might give women who want ordination pause to think.  Why was mother Angelica so successful.? There are several reasons that have to do with her personality and gifts, and timing of her message, but one important reason is that she was a religious order nun attached to a convent or monastery.  If she were an ordained priest, and took on the bishops as Mother Angelica did from time to time. she would have been moved by the bishop, ordered to cease activities or lose faculties and so on.  Not so easy to get to a religious order nun.  There are other reasons that Mother Angelica was able to stay independent, but I bring this one up for those who think the only way to make a difference is to get into the pulpit or run a parish.  You may not agree with her, but there are no pastors who had her clout.  My parents were fans of her.  She provided some very good things for elderly people who were not able to get out to church.  I might have some issues with her message, but I admire the messenger.

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