Friday, April 15, 2016

The Inspector

A lot of us think of God as an inspector.  The inspector senses or believes that there is some nefarious activity, and is looking for the culprit to bring to justice and well-deserved punishment.  So we avoid God if we think we have some dark secrets about our motives, or hates, prejudices, thoughts, and the general worst part of ourself.  We feel that we cannot approach God or pray if we have behaved badly.  Or we must confess first, take our punishment, and hope that God is satisfied.  But God is not the Inspector.  God is love.  God dwells within us right alongside all our mess and loves on us.  God already knows our mess.  Few people ever change because they put in their time in jail, or feel that they paid the penalty.  Love is what changes us.  Many people believe in the existence of God, but fewer believe in Unconditional Love.

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