Monday, April 18, 2016

Hell Is The Beginning

People seem to think that whenever something bad happens, nothing good will come of it.  That is part of being labeled, "bad."  But for many of us, the only way we got closer to God was through a lot of bad stuff that seemed to end up in a life of Hell!  That is, hell is not the end, but really a beginning of something better, fuller, more whole and healing.  The nature of hell in theologies that believe in hell, is that hell is a place of powerlessness.  You cannot get out on your own.  You see what a mess you have made of things and can do nothing about it.  At this point, only Grace, some other power, energy must go to work.  The key is surrender rather then whine, self-loathe, or resent.  You are in darkness.  Light can overcome the darkness.  A belief in a God is bolstered much more by reformed lives than by pulpit exhortations or witnessing on street corners.  A changed life is hard to deny.  I am still working on it.  

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