Sunday, April 3, 2016


I have been taught to stay right-sized, that is, don't get too fat an ego.  Now I did push this to the edges recently.  I preached about me on Easter.  I was trying to use my birthday as an example of something, but I am not sure if people heard all about me, but not too much about Jesus being Risen and all, which is the point of Easter.  Then I got to thinking.  Jesus being Risen is supposed to lift us up who believe in this.  Well, I got lots of birthday wishes and cards and treats during Easter week.  These surely lifted me up at a time when I am falling apart from a respiratory illness.  All this love is very healing.  So maybe my birthday is enfolded in the Easter Event of Jesus being risen.  We believers are supposed to apply our religion to our everyday lives to make us better.  My birthday is my everyday life and I feel a lot better.  So I must be doing something right in my Easter preaching.  Then again, maybe my sister Maureen will be proved right and I will burn.  Yikes!!!

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