Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Elevator

Transformation is like riding an elevator.  We all start out on the top floor, inside the elevator.  Outside, all around us is sunshine of the spirit, and clean, fresh air.  But we don't know this yet because we are inside an elevator.  We cannot yet see through.  Some anxiety or loneliness or fear sets in.  Emotions go a bit haywire.  Stuff happens, real or imagined, in the elevator.  We come up with a solution.  Press a bottom and go down.  We descend.  The door opens and it is a bit shadowy.  Life is not so spirit-filled or fresh. Solution? Stay in the elevator and go lower…and so on, as life gets darker and darker.  At some point a person decides they have gone as low as they can stand.  Their solutions have not worked.  Life only got darker each time.  They have hit a bottom. They surrender. They get off the elevator.  It is dark.  They don't know what to do in their misery.  Darkness is now their friend because they have given up trying to do things their way, selfish, fear-based, distrustful and so on.  They see a light coming through the slit in a door.  They open the door, walk outside and look around.  They experience the sunlight of the spirit for the first time.  God was with them the whole time they were descending.  Even in our hell, God is with us.  And God will give us a guide to show us how to stay in the spirit-light.  Could that be me?  One can only hope to become a spirt-guide.

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