Monday, April 4, 2016

Saying Goodbye

Girls don't know how to say it's over, "goodbye."  I have a personal sample of four different relationships.  Looking back there were signs that things had changed for the worse for me.  She was not as available, or communicative.  She was with another or other people whereas before she was with me.  Letters, you remember snail mail, stopped coming.  But there was no explanation or a goodbye, "let's end this."  Ironically, in each case, I think it was a right decision.  Long term, I was disaster.  Sooner or later, I would go back and ask what happened, curious at least, and maybe hurt as well.  There was never a "winning back."  It was over for her.  I just had to catch up to reality.  But I am the same way in my relationship with God.  I am really into the relationship, faithful to prayer.  Then something else comes along, a person, place, event, thing, and I drift off with no explanation to God as to why I am not showing up and being "faithful."  God really is the one for me, but I am such a spiritual drifter.  Will God ever stop taking me back?  God is always faithful.  The bible told me so.

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