Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Stranger

I was asked to write up a biography about myself because people at the parish where I live and preach/preside here in San Francisco say that they do not know who I am.  Why do they care?  As a business, the church is different than other businesses.  Do you care to know all about an employee at a store when you go shopping?  No.  Beyond their competence and service, you ask for nothing more.  But in religion people seem to want to "connect" to the fellow up on the altar.  The dark side of this is that the congregants might think me an idiot and want to know how I became so.  This would make me sad, so I believe, maybe in delusion, that they are inspired or at least enjoy listening to me and want to know more about me.  Or else, Catholics are just nosey.  In my bio for the bulletin, I wrote that I like chocolate.  One never has enough chocolate.

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