Friday, November 1, 2013


I must be a bad Catholic.  A very pious woman came up to me and handed me a flyer about relics and invited me to come and see all these saints' relics that are on display in some San Francisco church.  It was a traveling exhibit.  Of course, I said thank you.  I won't go.  Relics don't move me.  Catholics are supposed to be moved by relics.  It is supposed to quicken our faith, and engender our devotion.  This woman who came up to me, and I, belong to the same Catholic Church.  For a moment, I felt that I did not belong.  I lack this piety.  My only hope is that my church is very broad and has space for all kinds of Catholics.  This woman is in love with Jesus and relics fire her love.  For me, I need silence and solitude.  But if I ever do get holy, when I die my stuff does not have to be thrown away.  They will be relics!  


  1. I prefer the silence too. Next week i m going to a Monastery for silence and prayer. please , pray for me and i ll do for you.
    fr Daniel

  2. I'd like a pair of your old running shoes, maybe the ones with toes, the old relics after your gone?