Sunday, November 3, 2013

St. Jude

The feast day of St. Jude reminds me of "Catholic Way."  We Catholics pray to saints for stuff.  Jude is for lost causes.  I was once that, but someone must have gotten Jude's attention, and I got found.  Some people say I am still lost.  Anyhow, we Catholics don't see ourselves as just a community of earthlings.  We see the fulness of our community to include those who have gone beyond death.  St. Paul says that if we saw ourselves as constricted to earth alone, we would be strangers and sojourners in this world.  But our spiritual house includes saints who have died.  That is why we talk to them and seek their help.  People make fun of us or call us "quaint."  I talk to my dead sister, Maureen.  When she was alive, she said don't bother talking to saints.  I had no chance.  I was going to burn.  Heaven has softened her up.  If heaven can change her, I got a chance, right?

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  1. Fr Terry, These are the thoughts that I find comforting and reassuring. The promise that Jesus made while hanging on the cross of Paradise today..... it sure beats orange juice on god's cosmic shelf....just sayin