Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Seems that studies reveal that many Catholics are against abortion but don't want Wade vs. Roe overturned.  Here is my take.  Some Catholics have had abortions and feel badly about it.  At the same time, they are glad that they had a safe surgical/medical environment in which to have the abortion.  Secondly, they suspect that their kids or grandkids are sexually active, and want them to have a safe environment if they get pregnant and seek an abortion.  By and large Catholics believe that life begins with conception, but they don't want it to end with an abortion in a back room alley.


  1. shhhhhhhh . . . we're not supposed to talk about this, except to denounce it or vote against it.

    But I believe you are correct in your opinions. One problem is that those who are old enough to remember back room abortions don't have this issue to worry about any more. I would say the "grey" take on abortion is that it isn't our problem. The grey brigade is busy trying to figure out who, what and why God is, and how to best please him, and how to secure great digs in the great beyond. We've out grown the abortion issue, so we kind of "don't ask, don't tell"

    1. Well, I feel that we are all sinners, the whole lot of us, including all the bishops and priests. The church needs to open its doors and welcome everyone, gay, straight, young old.Jesus said, "Do not judge, leave judgement to God in heaven.