Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Left Out

Seems some conservative Catholics are feeling left out by Pope Francis.  Welcome to a feeling that I have had for about 30 years under the previous two popes.  How did I get through it?  Well, I did not focus on the Pope.  Historically, Catholics were not much affected by what the pope said or did, as communication systems were more primitive and more local.  So I paid more attention to the local scene.  If that was proving dreadful for me, then I focused on the gospel and Jesus.  He seemed to say all the things that challenged me to be a better person, while accepting me for my mediocrity of the moment.  To you conservatives, I suggest you ponder the gospels to support your faith.  Drop the politics of your own personal prejudices.  This pope is way more open to all the things that bother you.  He wants a bigger more open church.  You want a smaller, more pure church.  I don't think the original twelve would have made it into your conservative church.  I know I would not, nor would I care to be.  Christianity without Jesus is, well, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.  I admit that I can be just as narrow, but for now, my pope is in.


  1. Fr. Terry,
    My dad always admired a man who had the guts to speak his mind and to speak the truth as he saw it. I do too.
    Dad was pretty conservative as I recall

  2. Todays reading:
    Wis 6:1-11
    "Because though you were ministers of the kingdom, you judged not rightly and did not keep the law, nor walk acccording to the will of God".

  3. I do not understand Today's reading. It begins Because but does not end ----therefore- what?????

  4. Wisdom literature engages you. It is not about simple, logical answers. The Word is wanting to engage your own heart, from which will come wisdom, truth. For answers, read the catechism. But it won't make you wise.