Monday, April 6, 2015

Lookin' Good

I notice that I never go to the dentist without first brushing and cleaning my teeth.  I never go to the doctor without shower and clean clothes, under and over.  But often, when I go to church I don't bother to do much of anything.  I sometimes look like I just got out of bed or finished a sweaty workout.  Why?  I say, "God loves me and does not care."  No doubt God loves me.  My question is do I love God? Enough to take some time to be more presentable, to look at least as good as when I go to the doctor who does not love me, nor I the doctor?  When I die, I will be buried in my Sunday best.  Will that be the only time?  Wonder if God will recognize me all dressed up?  Come to think of it, I notice a few people coming to church looking much like I described myself.  But not you, right?

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  1. Fr. Terry, just wanted to say how much I was moved by your homily on Sunday. I learned things I had never realized, and that new perspective, and your thoughts, I found very instructive and hopeful. Thank you!!