Friday, April 3, 2015


Some people have a hard time with the Virginity of Mary and her being the mother of Jesus.  Well let me help you to see it as more than merely biology.  Adam was not born from conjugal acts of man and woman.  Adam is the first man, or first person, if you will.  Eve comes from Adam.  No conjugal acts so far.  Jesus is supposed to be the new Adam, the first born of the new Kingdom.  This Kingdom is a new creation.  So, Jesus, the new Adam is born without conjugal acts.  Moreover, Adam was tossed out of the Garden for not doing God's will.  Jesus is buried in a Garden, killed for doing God's will.  Jesus rises from a Garden.  New world.  New kingdom.  This is Good Friday and tomorrow begins Holy Saturday and the first day of Jewish Passover.   Reach out to your Jewish friends or Jews reach out to your Christian friends.


  1. In our family, we have both traditions, Catholic and Jewish. This year, the first night of Passover and Good Friday occur on the same day. For the first time in many years, we will be sitting at the Seder table instead of kneeling at Good Friday mass.

    Tonight I will imagine what it might have been like to share the Passover meal with Jesus, and when we break the maztah and drink the wine, I will contemplate the moment when he commanded us to "do this in rememberance of me."

    We will also ponder how the the Jews were freed from slavery in Egypt. It reminds me of how Jesus freed me from my self-imposed slavery to my own sin, my bad habits, my judgement of others, my impatience with my kids, and oh, so much more.

    I will miss not being in mass today but I embrace the opportunity to be a participant in Holy Week in a different way, celebrating the Passover on Good Friday.

    Too often, my children hear comments like, "You can't be both Catholic and Jewish. You have to pick one." Wrong. Judaism is both a fath and an ethnicity. Plenty of Jewish athiests around the world will sit at the seder table tonight because they identify with their culture.

    Though my kids are being raised Catholic - and they LOVE being Catholic, by the way - they also are proud to have an amazing connection to a heritage that goes all the way back to our beloved Jesus.

    It's brisket tonight, and ham on Sunday!

  2. I love this comment! I think you've got it right---bless you for sharing.