Saturday, April 9, 2016

Catholic Statues

My friend Farquar Ganoosh is once again digging himself deeper into the fire.
He mentioned to me recently that Catholic statues prove that the Church is racist.  What?  Farquar is a bad Catholic.  Instead of simply obeying rules, he asks lots of questions, and makes various observation unique to himself.  His point about the statures is that in whatever country you go, the statue always looks like the same color and facial features of the people in the area.  "Why doesn't a statue or picture look like a Jewish Semite in the Middle East," he asked?  "Jesus was not white, and European," he reminds me.  
Farquar went on to say that people in Northern Europe don't want a Jesus or Mary that look like a Middle Eastern Galilee person because Europeans don't much like Middle Eastern people.  Just look at the immigration mess.  Farquar jumps from one thing to another.  He has lived for a while in Mexico and knows that the Guadalupe, dark skinned Virgin, is not so universally admired in that country.  Move out of Mestizo and Indian dark-skinned areas and you will find local Virgin statures, not Guadalupe, that are as light-skinned as the people of that area.  But if you are a good Catholic and don't ask questions like Farquar, you won't have to worry about seeing him in heaven.  I pray that he is only being mischievous and can at least make Purgatory.