Sunday, June 25, 2017


Think of yourself being on stage in a play.  You have lines to say, but for some reason, at this moment, you cannot find them in your memory bank.  You "know" your lines, you have said them before, but at this moment you are empty!  What to do?  You look to offstage for a cue.  The director, offstage, in a stage whisper, gives you your line, and that is all you need to continue on with the play.  Well, meditation is like getting a cue.  Sometimes, you just feel empty.  You know from past meditations, that you have what you need inside of you, but at this moment you cannot access it.  Meditation is the "cue."  You sit and wait.  That inside presence, your director,  whispers the connective line, if you will, and you relax.  Life is like a play.  Shakespeare said something about this.  God is my director, but sometimes I am just befuddled.  So I have to wait a moment, and get in touch with that whisper inside of me.  Then I feel a bit more connected to myself, the world around me, and can be of better service.

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