Monday, June 5, 2017

Donut Spirituality

Homily Notes
June 4, 2017

I was out doing errands one morning and saw a sign outside a coffee shop that said, "National Donut Day."  I thought it was a scam to induce people to buy a coffee and get a free donut.  Well, it turns out that June 2 is National Donut Day!  It goes back to WWI in France when rationing made it impossible for women to bake cakes and pies for the soldiers at the Front.  So they invented the donut.  Nothing in the middle.  Imagine no donuts before WWI.  So, June 2 honors the "donut girls."
On Pentecost we are reminded that we are filled with the Holy Spirit, which should propel us to do lots of good for the world with joy!  Some days not so much.  I have days when I feel nothing of God inside me.  I can go to communion and feel no different than if I stayed home.  I feel empty, abandoned, ignored by God.  Yet I have to go out and do the best that I can to be of use and not make a mess of people's lives.  Those are my "Donut Spirituality" days.  I feel empty, like the middle of the donut, but I then try and remember that this Spirit is all around me, like the donut that surrounds the hole in the middle.  Wherever I go, empty as I may feel, the Spirit goes with me, like the donut and the hole.  Whatever surprising good that I might do, it is the energy and power of the Spirit that surrounds me.  I know people who go to meetings, feeling empty when they walk in, and then feel surrounded by love.  It was that same Spirit that got them to the meeting in the first place.  So when you are feeling empty, with little motivation, think of the donut and donut spirituality.  I think I would like to go get me a donut right now!  Yummy.    

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  1. THANKS. I feel so sad about the world and of course my life. But it is a beautiful day and I need to refocus on the nature that will be here longer than these problems and me. Have a wonderful time in Aspen.