Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pray For Me

From time to time I meet someone who says they wish so and so would pray more.  Some people try to model a prayer life for others.  I have seen Moms who practically live in church but their children pray no at all or so it seems to Mom.  What to do?  Well, something that I have found to work is to love someone who you wish would grow in a spiritual life.  Just love on them.  Then, after a while, ask them to pray for you.  It rarely occurs to the non-prayer person that someone good and loving would want their prayers.  And so they begin to pray, haltingly, since they are not sure what to pray for much less how. but it is a start.  You are a focus for their prayers.  They pray for you because you, who love them, requested prayer.  Nagging people is the basis for a miserable relationship on any spiritual plain.

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