Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dating Me

So you are having trouble getting a date? Or a date you don't later regret?  Why not "date yourself?" I learned to do this.  Rather than sit around missing out on things because I do not have a date, I decided that I can take myself out and see how it goes.  I first went to a movie by myself.  Then it was plays, museums, parks and I found in all this that I could enjoy being with me.  I could decide to eat when and where and what I wanted.  I did not have to negotiate or compromise.  I could see as much of a museum as I wanted, and then leave.  I could walk home from events and not worry about someone else getting tired and needing to ride.  I learned all about public transportation.  I did not need a car for my date.  And I could change my plans spontaneously.  I became a pretty good date for me.  If I truly believed that the Spirit or Power or Ultimate Reality is always with me, than I am not really alone, and I can stop anywhere and meditate as the energy invites me.  All this keeps me from isolating.  It gets me out and among people.  I can chat with someone at one of these events if I feel so moved.  Find out if you like yourself.  Take yourself out for dates.

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