Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Award

I remember sitting at my High School Graduation.  The time came when awards were announced and the recipient's name was read out for each award.  As expected, the smart guys got called up to receive this and that scholarship.  Since I was not going to get anything, being "average" in my class, I was rather passively listening.  Suddenly, an award, of which I knew nothing about was mentioned, and my name was called.  Me?  What had I done?  Anyway, to my further surprise, it had something to do with being a good, acomplished person, as in better than "average."  I find this kind of award to be quite satisfying as well as surprising.  Don't manipulate or politic.  Be dutiful as yourself.  From time to time in my priesthood people have come up to me and said, "Father, you make such a difference in my life," or "I am so glad that you are here."  As with that long ago graduation surprise, I don't think I do much of anything except be around and try to stay out of trouble.  Amazing Grace!  We often cannot connect the love people have for us with anything we have done.  They just might love us because of who we are, not so much any one thing we did.  Of course, when no one reads my blog then "average" is reinforced.  I will see how this one turns out. Oops! Forgot.  It is not what I do.

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  1. Congratulations Father Terry for your award. I am sure you deserved it!