Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lost And Found

Remember the Lost and Found Departments or box?  I have felt like a lost item that got found.  I think this can be a good thing, to be lost and then found.  When you lose an item, if it is important or precious to you, won't you go looking for it?  And if it is nothing to you, then you just move on, right?  So, if I feel lost and then someone finds me, then I feel precious and important to them.  In a spiritual sense, I had lost my way.  It was not so much a belief thing or a dogma thing, as it was a "being confused" or feeling disconnected, alone, or maybe not alone, but with others and yet not knowing where to turn or what to do.  I have found that by staying put, a meditative, reflective stance works best.  Let me be found by the one who knows my direction even when I feel lost.  It is not a matter of being broken and running around trying to get fixed.  It is just that sense of being lost.  Be still.  The Great Searcher will find you.  And embrace you with love.  I have found it to be so.

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