Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Happiness is like a good meal.  You can enjoy it in the moment, but today's happiness, like a good meal, will not serve you well in a couple of days.  You need to eat regularly, but not gluttonously.  Moderation, but on a regular basis maintains satiety in health, and tummy.  Happiness is like this.  It needs to be renewed.  Last weeks joy was last week.  If you tell someone you love them, do you do it only once and figure it is enough forever?  No.  But then you say that your happiness last week was based upon external circumstances that are not present this week.  Well, I believe that happiness is not dependent upon the outsides, the externals.  It is an inside job.  It can enhance the outsides, or even ignore negative outsides.  Happiness is a spiritual condition.  I can say that my life is in ruins, I have not enough work, and am on the way to Debtor's Prison.  Yet I can still be happy because I take time to get in touch with the richness that we all have within ourselves.  I don't have all that much control over the external world, except when I am delusional.  But the insides will not let me down if I take regular time to pay attention.  Yes, there will be some better and worse moments within, but overall it comes through and does not destroy me.  It beats opioids, booze, one night stands, workaholism, and consumerism just to name a few.  Or so I have heard.

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  1. My goodness, Debtor's Prison??? I think the altitude is getting to you a bit back there in Colorado. Time for some sea level levelheadedness. We have lots of happiness here will gladly share!