Friday, June 23, 2017

Dogma On The Brain

People who believe in dogma say that it is a revelation from God.  Be it so for the believer, dogma is still something that is in the realm of the mind, thought processes, categories and the like.  There is no such thing as dogma sitting out there somewhere in its own space, separate from the mind.  Dogma is a way that the Absolute, who is beyond all dogma, communicates with humans in their heads.  Some people would say that dogma is everything, and is the complete understanding of the Absolute, who they usually call God.  But we know that we are more than our minds.  Mystics try to tell us this.  There is something deeper, and even other, than mind.  It is something beyond mind, and mediation can be the roadway to this.  It is beyond concepts, beyond dogma, and even beyond words, but that does not mean it is fantasy or illusion.  Dogma is all about the Absolute, but it is not identical to the Absolute, who is beyond all concepts.  This is why mystics tend to let go of dogma.  It might have served them for a while in their spiritual journey, but they have discovered another level of reality, sometimes referred to as the really Real.  It is beyond mind and dogma.  My religious path has both dogma and contemplative mysticism.  Dogma appealed to my earlier stages of the journey when I was all about thought, mind, intellect, and being right as opposed to being wrong, heretical, pagan, atheist.  It served me, but it lacked a fullness.  Ironically, I am becoming most ME when I let go of being me.  You can never be one with the Absolute, without surrender of the mind world, ego world, and separate self world.  And you cannot think your way there.  Surrender that control world of imaging, and let yourself be led to something "less," and deeper, beyond.  Happy Nirvana! Meanwhile, I will just keep doing these blogs.

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