Friday, June 9, 2017

Wonder Woman

The new movie, "Wonder Woman," is going to be a big summer hit.  It has two things that interest me.  The power of a woman and her interaction with guys.  It might be a great movie for Middle Schooler girls.  We tell these girls that they have power and can use it to make the world a better place for love, kindness, compassion and peace.  These same girls are at that age when they are coming to discover boys in adolescent stages of intimacy.  How do I dress?  What do I say?  So, at the same time that girls are learning their own inner power, they are learning about their coming of age with guys.  Wonder Woman lives in a land of all women.  Then a guy literally drops in and lets her know that the world is a mess.  It goes on from there.  Now I will be at a monastery where I am supposed to be getting holy.  Seeing Wonder Woman would not be a good fit.  It will be my summer penance.  I could use some power too.

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